Anyone have the E-Stim remote?

Everything to do with the E-Stim Systems Remote control system. The first E-Stim Remote in the world with a motion sensor. and now with sound as well.
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Anyone have the E-Stim remote?

Post by Davespages »

So I bit the bullet and purchased an E-Stim remote in Late July

At first glance i thought it could never stand up to the mighty 2b in terms of performance... and maybe so... but it really has Soooo much going for it.

Firstly it lasts WAAAAAAY longer on a 9v battery than the 2b does.
But I guess this is because is a single chanel output.

(I have to use the mains adapter on the 2b which means I'm tethered to a wall socket... and i want to use all its power :lol: )

Secondly... its really discrete. I've worn this shopping, while driving and my wife had the remote control.
Its certainly made for some interesting orgasms in public :shock:

Modes of personal interest..

I quite like the Pulse mode at a high adjustment... the tapping doesn't make me cum and is painful... but when the fire button is pressed and the output changes to a constant vibration... that can bring you so close to orgasm... only to return to the tapping feeling again... great for edging and all controlled by the remote owner (my wife)

Tease mode is very pleasurable... but for me I cum to fast.

Torment mode... on the last adjustment... now that is an extremely hard/rough hand job... imagine a vicious/ferocious hand job without lube... that is painful but boy it gets you there :mrgreen:

Train mode.. forget it.... that is just masochist torture :lol:

Remote range...
It works in every room in my house... My wife loves the fact I can be anywhere in the house and she can zap me.

It doesn't reach outside to the garden from inside the house... approx 50 metres through brick wall...

Me thinking I was safe in the garden was suddenly shocked and when I looked around, I saw my wife in the window... sneaky!

One thing that is quite noticeable on some modes is that when you go up one step in power... you get a sharp jolt/shock (in my penis) but the mode feeling (be that vibration, pulse etc) isn't actually painful. Its just the brief moment as power is increased.
The shock of an increase in power is more painful than the feeling/sensation of the mode. In some modes its made me very cautious of pressing buttons :lol:

I love the remote. Its compact, packs a punch and what I really love about it is that the simplicity of it means its plug and play.

I got into a routine with the 2b of always using 2 channels 2 sets of wires. Plugging In the mains adapter and as that doesn't reach a socket... it means an extension lead.
Then in audio mode there's the stereo lead and the mp3 player.
Sometimes the time involved in setup takes away the impulse of stim sessions and I always end up tangled in cables.

Has this effected my use of the 2b...

Yes.. since getting the Remote I have only used my 2B twice in 8 weeks... when it was used 2-3 times a week for the past year.

Its a refreshing change to the 2B and very good for mobile stimming and giving control to your dom(me) / owner / Partner

To the Guys who designed it. Its a thoroughly good product that I would recommend, even to those who have the flagship 2B.

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Re: Anyone have the E-Stim remote?

Post by estim_si »

Thank you…. It’s always nice to hear about our successes:-)


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Re: Anyone have the E-Stim remote?

Post by joannesReviews »

It’s good to hear that you are enjoying the Remote, I thoroughly enjoy playing with mine. Usually with me delightful submissive wired up and that is so much fun. It is a very capable control box and the freedom of movement that can be enjoyed with it is great.
Just a woman in her 50s who likes e-stim and sticking things in her pussy while telling the world all about it on my review site. I'm quite normal, I think LOL. :?
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