Big difference between tens pad sizes

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Big difference between tens pad sizes

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Well i got 5cmx5cm pads with 2b but i have used only 4x4 pads in the past.
I have been using 5x5 behind the balls and 4x4 or 5x5 on dick and results have been not so good.
I can achive HFO with the bigger pads but they feel bit "bad".

Today i just used 4x4 pads and it felt a-m-a-z-i-n-g came so fast i did not have time to enjoy! :D

Just wanted to ask if others have noticed difference between the pad sizes?

Also if i have understood correctly you can cut from the "sides" of the pad (if you think the connector is on the bottom side)?

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Re: Big difference between tens pad sizes

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Yes Pad size can make a difference as your changing the amount of contact area. The more contact area the softer the sensations will be however you may find that concentration on one spot sometimes feels better. It can also depend on the nerves you hit too. We are all made different so you will just need to experiment.

As for cutting down pads. I normally stick to ether side of the wire.

Hope this helps
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