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Everything to do with the E-Stim Systems Remote control system. The first E-Stim Remote in the world with a motion sensor. and now with sound as well.
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Remote suggestion

Post by aydensboy »

for what it's worth (maybe next iteration of the remote), these are my thoughts..

first thought;
I would like to be able to wear the remote unit out with something like a pulse or tease as the default on, but still have the ability for my wife to hit the buttons to deliver a "hey you" type pulse like training mode gives.
solution; have a couple dedicated buttons to training mode type pulses regardless of what mode is currently activated and running.

second idea;
might be nice to have the ability to switch things up a bit while out and not being able to see the unit. maybe some "favorites" type buttons which you could attach a mode and power level to, and simply press the favorite 1, favorite 2 buttons to switch / activate those modes on the fly.

either idea would still work with the remote being a one-way transmitter. favorites would require a bit more work to figure out how to save and load those settings.
frankly however, just having the dedicated shock buttons on top of any other mode is probably enough.

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Re: Remote suggestion

Post by cagedone »

Another suggestion from a newby, is a simple voice command implementation. The microphone is already there.

My partner hates buttons (although she has used them in the past to her great amusement ), but she would be happy to speak


You get the idea, I used to call on a engineer who did something like that in a 8bit mcu with a integrated ADC, a long time ago tho. I am assuming u have a ADC on board for the microphone, so it should be just coding, and a table look up for very basic different words.
LOL I am saying that like I could do it, I used to sell chips as a application engineer I couldn't do the coding.

Love the motion idea, bit frightened to tell her about that. although she usually has be running around getting her stuff...yet I am sure she would find that fun.

Be cool for it to recognize MY voice as compared to hers and back ground noise, then she could issue the command "quiet" then if I speak I get zapped.
That I think would be very hard to do tho, much harder than the above but she would definitely pay the AUD$400 for that !

Still very new and playing with a relatively primitive tens but I can see myself buying something from Estim in the near future, toss up between the 2B and this box, she loves the cheap Chinese remote zapper, and this is sooo much more sophisticated.
She wont want something connected with wires, but the 2B looks so cool ! and I want to play with it.
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Re: Remote suggestion

Post by admin »

You managed to run voice recognition with an 8 bit MCU? and an 8 bit ADC? really?

The Remote does not have the hardware or software capacity to run any form of voice recognition.

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Re: Remote suggestion

Post by cagedone »

Well voice recognition is a bit of a exaggeration. Of course it could never do that.

Simple voice commands, it doesn't need to actually recognize whats been said just the difference between say 7 sounds and activate a preset based on that sound or even a hum similar to the clap, even count the claps.

I cant remember if it was a PIC or a Motorola (there showing my age), the PIC was actually a tiny RISC chip by Microchip, the Motorola was a HC05 variant.

He showed me it working, It only knew a few words, dont know if he did anything with it. But he was a pretty clever dude. He was a freelance engineer. did all sorts of stuff.

Anyways I appreciate your reply, you know better than I do whats in your box :)

Dreams are free :)
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