Do you groom or shave?

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Do you groom or shave?

Post by kinkygolfer »

The subject pretty much asks the question. Do you groom or shave your nether regions? Are you male or female? I'm a male considering getting a new setup (got rid of my ElectroPebble) but I really do not want to shave. I much prefer to keep myself trimmed up and maybe shave just the base of my penis. Do pads work with short pubic hair? For the record I'm not a hairy person to begin with.

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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by mrbutt89 »

In my experience, even with a good dollop of conductive gel, the best results are obtained with smooth shaved skin. That's with loops. If you're using pads, I think you'll definitely have to shave the area in question, or you'll find they tend to fall off, and gel won't be an option.

I personally like keeping my cock and balls shaved, but that's as far as I've gone. You could just focus your shaving efforts on those areas where you're going to apply the electrodes, and leave everything else intact (provided stray hairs from elsewhere don't get in the way.)
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by VFRman »

Definitely shave as close as possible. I wet shave my cock, balls & importantly under balls perineum area. I have a large collection of CR loops, straps, etc but find now that pads are my favourite. No gel, dry skin & close shave a must. Any hair will hold the pad off & a sting or hot spot will be unpleasant. One day I might be brave to have a professional waxing. Anyone had this done?
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by Deltus1 »

I don't get hot spots or adhesive pads on hairy skin.

I have been using depilatory cream around my tools for a long time. It's more thorough, lasts longer and is free from the risk of injury.
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by Silkggg »

I definitely shave, it seems like it makes everything easier and cleaner. I find electrodes work better on shaven areas…maybe a mental thing too
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by Bill27nn »

I have been shaving for years. My wife can't remember how I look down below before starting to shave. Dollar General sells a great 6 blade razor pack. Best to shave right out of the shower.
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by comandatuba »

Years ago I did DIY "sugaring," back when I used loops. If you are not familiar, it is similar to waxing. I found sugaring worked better for me.

I had found and used a sugar recipe and some basic instructions online, and bought the supplies. The sugar mixture was basically sugar, some water and some lemon juice. I used an old saucepan, a plastic bowl, and purchased some tongue depressors from a hobby store to use as applicators. For the strips, I just got some old sheets and cut them up. It takes a little nerve the first few times when you yank off the strips, but not too bad once you get the hang of it. Just follow a reliable set of instructions from a good source online, and don't dab on sugar on your bits too soon (should be warm, not hot).

Nowadays I mostly just use TENS pads, and sometimes my Moaner or Large Flow, and might trim down excess hair a bit. I guess I've gotten more lazy as I get older.
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by wsd10 »

I now get waxed.
Its incredible! Soooo smooooth. And pads stick so well without the hair.
The backside is almost painless.
Shaft and mound above the shaft are the worst, but bearable.
And who can complain about having a nice lady working on my junk?

I had been shaving for several years, but after the first wax, I figured out my shaves were no where near as good as a wax job.
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by darkwindraven »

A trimmer, as close as can get, has worked well for all needs - pads stick well and vacuums if using the Serious Kit / estim tubes hold.
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Re: Do you groom or shave?

Post by SausageBoy »

I currently trim but I want to shave or even wax (at home), what stops the itching after shaving?

Do any you home wax, any suggestions or advice?
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