Improve erection with e-stim

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Improve erection with e-stim

Post by soon2behuge »


I read many studies showing that e-stim can increase erection.

Each time the muscle worked is the ischiocavernosus.

In your experience do you have tips like the positioning of the electrodes, the adjustment ...


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Re: Improve erection with e-stim

Post by AngelBytesRu »

Good evening. noticed it myself. After stimulation, the erection increases.
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Re: Improve erection with e-stim

Post by VFRman »

Hi soontobhuge
Love the handle! Good luck on changing your size. I think the general knowledge is without drastic means like surgery, that will not happen. However, as a very old guy with standard 7" cut cock
getting a good hard, is alas a thing of my youth. i used to get an erection you could stand on! Now a semi is the best I can hope for, even using the little pill. For visual pleasure I use a quality vacuum pump & then with a slim rope or cock ring all around cock & balls can keep for a short spell what I have pumped up.
As to electrodes. Tried them all & settled on sticky pads. Generally, a small round underside of cock, second square one on Perineum (under balls) & if in anal play, insertable with a Tri-Phase connection to my 2-B. I try to clench the scrotal muscle to lift my cock rhythmically, seems to help as an exercise.
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Re: Improve erection with e-stim

Post by henry72722 »

A 7" cock my be standard to you, but not to most of us!
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Re: Improve erection with e-stim

Post by ProfZarkov »

I have used a vacuum pump to get a good erection.
You can slide a ring onto the base of your penis to maintain the pumped erection! But not for more than 30 minutes....things tend to drop off after that!
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