E-stim with remote prostate massager?

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E-stim with remote prostate massager?

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Can I e-stim and insert my remote prostate massager? Will it mess the massager up, or visa versa?

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Re: E-stim with remote prostate massager?

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From our perspective it shouldn’t cause an issue, but it is something we have never tested


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Re: E-stim with remote prostate massager?

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I think generally neither will affect the other. I would recommend against recharging the massager with it inserted and e-stim connected. Without the concern of the charging circuit, any interference would be very unlikely to cause device or body damage. My recommendation would be to proceed with strong caution and be prepared to immediately remove the prostate massager whenever both are present. Personally, I would still be concerned enough to not use both devices at the same time.
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