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Re: Invalid session

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eggmann wrote: Wed Sep 13, 2023 8:35 am Hello 67ruberroy,

.csf files aren't backwards compatible. A session file recorderd with commander 4 and firmware 2.126 can not run with commander3 and firmware 2.106. Instead a session file recorderd with commander 3 and firmware 2.106 will run on commander 3 and firmware 2.126. Why? In the newer firmware some functions are introduced which ones didn't exist in the older firmware. So a recorderd command with firmware 2.216 will not by recognised by the firmware 2.106. This explains why the file loads but stops running on the moment that, the for the old firmware unknown command, must run. That explains also why your own recorded session files work well.


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Re: Invalid session

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Thanks everyone for the help, I've now got this up and running. I had a problem with the 2B box and it had to go back for repairs. the good people there installed Commander 4 for me as a kind gesture and the box was back nd running within a week or so. I could then play files downloaded from here. For a couple of days.. Following instructions on here to donload things, I switched off the 2B to switch on again and it refused to switch on, no matter what I tried! I phoned the 2B helpline and they'd never heard of the problem.

The unit ent back to them where they found a fault with the display screen. It was returned fully working within a few days and now works as it should.

I'd like to thank the people at E-stim systems for their first class help and repair service, all at minimum charge, the return postage.

Sadly I cn't use any of my recorded sessions but have downloaded a few from here an they seem to be very good. Just mind the input voltage when you are using an external power source, it can be 50% more than a session has been recorded t.
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