New 2B owner from Thuringia, Germany

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New 2B owner from Thuringia, Germany

Post by Rexxor » Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:47 pm

Hi there, just bought a 2B to replace my ET-312B and now trying to explore the possibilities.

I have used my ET-312B for 6 years now, but the knobs and buttons become weared off, so I looked at what the market had to offer. The 2B seemed to be a perfect fit for me - well now I have to figure out if it is.
The reviews talking about a "not so smooth" experience I can absolutely not confirm. Compared to my old ET-312B the unit feels definitely smoother in every mode.
Being more into SM and ball stimming I didn't find a suitable mode for that purpose yet. For the ET-312B I have built own routines and hope this functionality also comes to the 2B.

The only problem I have with the box so far ist the Select-knob. I often press it twice accidentally wanting to change only the pulse feel, resulting in mode selection and both channels going to zero :roll: .
Other than that the overall build is excellent and the software (Commander) works like a charm, so I intend to use the box at least 6 years like the ET-312B!

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Re: New 2B owner from Thuringia, Germany

Post by estimbird » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:23 pm

Hi Rexxor,

warmly welcome to the 2b community.

"smooth" or "not so smooth", "sharp" or "great pleasure" are all really personal and individual sensations and depend on various factors, settings, trode-positions and so on. Also on your expectations, whether you want HFO or SM or what else. I'm glad it fits your needs.

The 2b definitely has more power than some other units so this maybe the cause for different sensations, too.

What firmware version has your 2b? 2.106 has a slightly smoother feel than 2.105.

Maybe you can use the audio mode and some special sound files for your purposes.

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