I have renamed Mode 4 - "Tourette Mode"

Everything to do with the E-Stim Systems Remote control system. The first E-Stim Remote in the world with a motion sensor. and now with sound as well.
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I have renamed Mode 4 - "Tourette Mode"

Post by joannesReviews »

I have been having a blast with the E-Stim Remote System and mode four "Motion Sensor" is amazing.

I have renamed it "Tourette Mode" as it will have you f'ing and blinding as you jump around trying to control yourself. Every time you get a zap you jump and then the motion sensor keeps things going. I can't stop laughing/crying/swearing when playing with it.
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Re: I have renamed Mode 4 - "Tourette Mode"

Post by estimfun »

I've got the Erostek remote and love it. That motion sensor mode sounds like fun but im curious if its like the mic mode on the Erostek, which give sharp stabs (not fun or pleasurable) every time sound is heard, is the E-systems more smooth?
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